Glaucoma : Visual Field Loss

We have a foresight that could assist and steer more specific treatment for some glaucoma patients. In the therapy of glaucoma, endothelia play a very important role in the pathophysiology of the disease. The cost to the US government of Social Security benefits, missed wage charge revenues, and medical care consumption is estimated to be over $1.5 billion each year. The Glaucoma Research Society of Canada is the country's largest non-profit organisation dedicated only to funding glaucoma research. It has funded more than two million dollars in support of 150 research endeavours since 1989. The prominent scientists in the field of glaucoma are Bascom Palmer and Wills Eye.

  • Open angle and closed angle glaucoma
  • Biomarkers for Glaucoma
  • Gonioscopy procedure
  • Impaired ocular blood flow regulation in open angle glaucoma

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